Level II

Level II of the Florida Cell Phone Repairs Training course is the next step in your one week journey to become a Cell Phone Technician. 

During this part of the course you will learn about power supply, circuit boards, networks,  and the finer points of trouble shooting and diagnostics.

Smart phone touch screen and LCD replacement.

See an outline of this part of the course below:

Advanced DC power

  • Advanced DC power supply concepts and technique.
  • Multi-meterconcepts and techniques.
  • Board level DC electronics theory.
  • Circuit board block diagram layout architecture.

Cellular network and topology fundamentals

  • Cellular network and computer concept.
  • Cellular network technology CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, GSM, IDen, WiMax.
  • US Mobile carriers.
  • 3G/4G and the technologies that drive them.

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