Level I
of the Florida Cell Phone Repair Training Course

This is our Full time Business Day class, that consist of 36 hours of training. The student will learn all 3 levels.

Level I of the Florida Cell Phone Repair Training Course consists of showing you all the basics. 

You will be introduced to mobile, smart phone and tablet functioning, basic cell phone electronics, the operating systems and basic assembly techniques and repairs.

The outline of this part of the curriculum is listed below:

Introduction to cell phone and Smart phone industry

Cell phones and Smart phones functions.
Difference between feature phone and Smart phone.
Tablet computers and how do they compare to Smart phones.
Cell phone and Smart phone electronic components.
Cell phones, Smart phones and Tablets computer repair industry.

Introduction to DC power and Surface Mount Device electronics

Theory of basic DC electronics.

Apple iOS and Android Operating Systems

Overview of both operating systems.
Contrast and comparison of features.
Skills and techniques for both operating systems.

Cell phone/Smart phone dis-assembly techniques

Hands on phone dis-assembly and assembly techniques.
Basic cell phone repair techniques.
The future of cell phone and Smart phone repair industry.

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